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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peachy Pink Sisters' New Year Give Away :)

Another quick post before getting busy with our company audit :

Peacy Pink Sisters are giving away cool sets of prizes for their loyal readers. Please check this out:

Click HERE to join.

Goodluck to all of us!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bonding with my 2 "daughters"

Just a quick post before I go out of the office.

I had a dinner date with my 2 "daughters", Mutya, who calls me 'Nay Dang and Tess, who calls me Mami Dang which turned into Mami Ninang Dang last Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at Kenny Roger's in Festival Mall, Alabang.

I want to share with you some pics :

The one in eyeglasses is Tess while the other one in ponytail is Mutya

Now that's not what I wanted to emphasize. It's the shirt that I'm wearing that day....

Need I say more?  :)


January Birthday Bash!

I promised myself that starting 2012, I will be posting our monthly birthday bash celebration. Well hopefully, I will be able to keep that promise hehehe.

To start with, here is our January Birthday Bash...

Our new HR Manager, Lennie D. Pamaong, welcoming the attendees

Game time!...Guess the title of the movie.....

Our guest performers, JR, Kevin and Luiz!.. Never mind the group name. It doesn't sound good hehe

Time for group picture!

And the brains behind every birthday bash (with our guest performers)

That would be all! See you again next month!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011...Welcome 2012!!!

2011 has passed!  And looking back, I realized I have so many things to be thankful for.

I thank the Lord …..

…..For the health he has given me and my family. Well yes, I had pneumonia but I am just so happy that I am well now.  And hopefully, I will be well for the entire 2012 (and the years to come J)

……For keeping my family safe from  harm.

…..For my mom who celebrated another birthday with us. She just turned 65 last December 20 and with no medical conditions except for occasional rheumatism which I think is just normal for her age J

…..For my husband who, even if it is against his will (I know it because I can feel it), still supports my fangirling

……For my kids, Jonathan and Jason, for being good and obedient children (though I must admit, there are times I just want them to disappear from my sight hehe)

……For looking over my Kuya’s family while he works abroad

……For my job, for without it I may not be able to support my family’s little whims

…..For letting me know SS501. The only Kpop boy group that I love and will continue to love. I’ve been a fan since Feb. 2010 and I’ve seen how they truly love one another and how they care for their Triple S. Not to forget that through them, I gained friends. SS501 Mansae!!!

……For being a an official Triple S since April 2010.

……For letting me meet my TS friends and I would like to mention their names – Frelyn, Lele, Yellie, Jerah, Kdin, Mar, Ria, Shiela, Marie, Ivee, Charm, Cressa, Danie, Denise, Frances, Sol, Verna, Ate Cleng, Azette, Jeree, Ems, Julie, Jehd, Ychan, Rovina, Joy, Chelly, Jane, Glazelene, Roselyn, Mels.

……For my TS textmates…you know who you are J (too many to mention)…though we haven’t met personally, it seems like we’ve been friends since time immemorial….thanks to SS501 for that J

……For my chatango friends, specifically Shane and Kheena.

……For giving me my overseas friends – Angel from Romania, Mag from Malaysia, Wingwing from US, Myoce, Fennel, Joongana, Rhezin all from Indonesia. Thanks for the friendship J.

…….For giving our family another blessing. And my Mom’s most awaited blessing at that!....A GRANDDAUGHTER!!!....Yes, it’s confirmed. My sister-in-law (with my youngest brother), who is scheduled to give birth next month, is having a baby girl! At last, a female grandchild for my mom and a niece for me. Why am I so happy? Check this out – I have 2 sons, my Kuya Darwin has 2 sons and my younger brother Dennis has a son! No sister, no daughter, no niece??? Now you know…. J

There are still so many things to be thankful for….And there may not be enough space to enumerate them. What’s important is that I give thanks to whatever blessing I have now.