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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Licensure Examination for Teachers 2015

Hello everyone!

I am a bit nervous for this coming LET exam on Sunday, September 27. And why not? My son, Jojo, will be taking the exam for the first time.

He is assigned at University of the East, Manila as seen here.

And so, since we will be coming from Taguig and I don't want my son to suffer from stress due to long travel time, I decided that we just rent a room at a hotel nearest UE. When I consulted Mr. Google, the hotel nearest UE is...................tadahhh! ................. Sogo Hotel Recto! Whew! I know! I know! This hotel is a place where lovers usually check-in for some "happy" times. But I have no choice. We will be staying here for one (1) night only - check-in is September 26 and check out the following day. Just to avoid the hassle of being stuck in traffic. 

So there, just because of the LET, I will be experiencing how a motel looks like! Hahahaha!

Seriously, please pray for my son that he will pass the LET exam with flying colors. 

Thanks in advance!