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Friday, December 2, 2016

My First Neutering Experience...

I first heard of the words "neutering" and "spaying" from my friend, Jeree Castillo. She informed me about the advantages of having my cat neutered. That time, I only have Bob.

Ssshhh....be quiet! Bob is sleeping!

Bob was given to us last November 6, 2012, four days after Gray died. And I think maybe because it's a male cat, he loves to explore, maybe looking for females. He was always running on the roof and would mark (urine mark) everywhere....grrrr! But I just let him be. He's a cat anyway.

Then came Pietro.
Isn't he handsome?

Pietro was given to us by Alex's friend, Dina,  who sells poultry supplies. She used to breed cats but stopped due to high maintenance cost. So she gave Pietro to us while Pietro's sibling stayed with them.

Born December 2015, Pietro was only 8 months old when he was given to us. I immediately fell in love with him because he is so adorable, so sweet and very affectionate. Initially he was given the name Maymay by her previous owner because she taught it was a "she". We didn't like the name so we changed it to Natasha, from Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow of The Avengers because he is pure black. Later on, my two sons noticed his "balls". So he was renamed "Pietro". Later I will tell  you why he was given that name. I have to ask my sons first.

To make the story short, I called Taguig City Veterinary Office last October 24, 2016 to set an appointment for neutering of Pietro and Bob.  I was scheduled November 24 at 9AM. I wasn't able to bring Bob because he didn't return home so I only brought Pietro.

Since this is my first neutering experience with my pet (as indicated on the title of this post), I was not ready with what I saw. Pietro was shaking to the point that I thought he was dying. I even asked the vet if that is normal and he said that is the effect of anaesthesia. The shaking went on for 30 minutes to 1 hour then afterwards, Pietro became okay though he was still a bit dizzy. He was restless and kept on moving inside his carrier.

Now, he's okay. Jolly as usual.

If you are living within Taguig area and wants to avail of the FREE neutering/spaying, you may call (0995) 198-8562 and look for Nika or Mitch.

To know more about the benefits of spaying/neutering your pets, you may visit the PAWS website.


Friday, September 23, 2016

The Plaque Has Arrived!

Hello there!

If you are a regular follower of my blog, I'm pretty sure you've read about the Blood Donor's Recognition Day 2016 which I posted last August 4, 2016 followed by the Plaque Protest posted last September 7, 2016.

Well, I am happy to tell everyone that the plaque with the correct number of years has arrived! 

 It was delivered a few minutes ago and I'm just too excited to inform you!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Paradise Called Club Punta Fuego

Hi there!

Last year, I got the chance to visit Club Punta Fuego, a beautiful paradise at the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas. We, (Bhed, EDP & I) went there to conduct ocular inspection for a possible venue for the Managers' Plans and Programs Q2 Review. The moment I set foot in this resort, I fell in love with the place...

How can you not fall in love with the beautiful view?

This is the view from the balcony

Do you see the infinity pool?

Here is the clear view of the pool :)

....and the beautiful view of the sea!

Paradise indeed, right? If you want to visit the place, just check their website here.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

#PRCGoal : Blood Galloner Award For Me Please!

Hi there!

I have always wanted to get the Blood Galloner's Award from Philippine Red Cross. I admit the first time I donated blood, I was so nervous. I almost backed-out especially when I saw the size of the needle! It was huge! But then, I remembered what my former HR Manager, Lhiza Flores, told me....IT WON'T HURT!

So, I took the risk....and IT HURTS! Waaaaaahhhh! (But just a bit :) )

There is always a sense of fulfillment knowing that the blood I gave may save another person's life.

I started donating blood year 2009 which continued until 2011. Sadly, from 2012 up to present, I was always rejected due to low hemoglobin :(

This is my Blood Donor's Membership Card issued 2009. The cards are color-coded depending on the donor's blood type. Mine is blue for type "A", white for "O", yellow for "B" and pink for "AB".

Now, I am bent on getting this award. More ferrous sulfate please!


MY GOAL : Quarterly Perfect Attendance Award

For two (2) months in a row, I was awarded Perfect Attendance for the months of July & August 2016 :

Now, my goal is to get the Quarterly Perfect Attendance Award which means I have to be always present for the whole month  of September.

If I get it, I will consider that a big achievement on my part.

Don't you think so?


Thursday, September 8, 2016

My thoughts....

I have always loved singing even when I was a little girl. Both my parents can sing that’s why maybe I inherited this talent from them. But maybe because I was still a child, I never dreamt of becoming a professional singer when I grow up.

My first dream was to become a dentist. But financial constraint prevented me from becoming one. You see, my father used to be a delivery truck driver for my uncle’s gravel and sand business. And even at a very young age, I know that his small salary won’t be enough to support this expensive college course. Especially because I have three other siblings who are all studying.

During high school, I used to sing during class presentations. And my favorite piece was Healing by Deniece Williams. I remember during 2nd year high school in our Speech subject with Ms. Fernandina Gonzales (I hope I remember the name right), we were required to sing in class. One must be a duet and one, a solo performance. I was so happy to be able to have a classmate who can sing! Melody Salvador was heaven sent! We sang Points of View by Joey Albert & Pops Fernandez. And maybe because we were so good (ehem!), we were requested to perform in other sections. For solo performance, I sang Somewhere in my Past by the late Julie Vega. These two occasions resurrected my love for music.

Ella May Saison, dubbed as the original “Queen of Soul of the Philippines” was my former batchmate at St. Rita College in Paranaque. She was still  a nobody that time but the first time I heard her sing, I was blown away! She sang the male parts of the duet song Always by Atlantic Starr and it was awesome. That was the time I told myself, “I want to be like her! I want to sing!”

When I graduated from highschool, I took up Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service. If you are not familiar with the course, I can be a consul, an ambassador or a charge d’affaires. But I did not take the Foreign Service Officer’s Exam because I told myself after graduation, I want to study conservatory of music. But then again, financial constraint prevented me from pursuing my love for music. Instead, I became a band vocalist for a short period of time. 

Our band’s name was Tropicz under the management of Linda Perlas. It was a show band consisting of 4 vocalists, drummer, keyboardist, lead guitarist and bass guitarist. Maybe you will ask why four vocalists? If one vocalist is singing, the other three vocalists are dancing. That’s why it’s a show band. This is one of the most memorable moments of my life. However, due to inevitable circumstances, I had to leave the band. I became a full time employee of an electronics company, Pricon Microelectronics, Inc. for 23 loooooooong years.  

But being a full time employee did not stop me from enjoying what I love the most. I always find time to sing - in the shower, in our bedroom, in my office table, etc. I sing practically everywhere. 

Well, maybe that's not my destiny at all! 

Sorry for this long post and thanks for reading.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Plaque Protest

Hello everyone!

If you happen to read my previous post regarding the 11 Years of Service Award we received from Philippine Red Cross last July 29, then you'll know that the said award is under protest.

Well, here is the screenshot of the email I sent to PRC Laguna Chapter :

Just a few minutes after I sent this email, Kim Paulo P. Merambel, Donor Recruitment Officer of PRC Laguna Chapter, called me and informed me that there was no record of blood donation for 2003 & 2005. So I sent proof of our blood donation for those years :

So, I waited for his reply to this email. He replied, not to me but to our company nurse :

See the inconsistency? During our conversation, he told me it was 2003 & 2005 but on his email to our company nurse, it became 2005 & 2012.

What irritated me the most was the fact that he sent his reply to our company nurse and not to me. So I sent him this email :

He called me again after a few minutes and he was very apologetic. Of course, I accepted his apology :)

Good news is that, the plaque will be replaced and he will bring the replacement on the blood donation day scheduled on September 22.

Great news, isn't it?


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Blood Donors' Recognition Day 2016

Last July 29, I attended Philippine Red Cross Laguna Chapter's Blood Donors' Recognition Day 2016. Actually, I was with two officemates, Kristine Cruz, our company nurse and Aris Guevarra from Facility Dept.

What is a Blood Donors' Recognition Day? It is an annual event organized by Philippine Red Cross Laguna Chapter which gives recognition to employers, employees, religious groups, NGOs, government sectors, and others who have contributed greatly to Red Cross' blood donation programs. For Pricon, we were given a plaque for being one with Red Cross for 11 years.

11 Years of Service Award

Philippine Red Cross gives recognition also to individuals who voluntarily donated blood for nine (9) times, it is called Galloner Award. For this year, we only have one (1) awardee :

Aristotle L. Guevarra, our lone galloner awardee for this year

We were able to have a photo op with the Board of Directors of PRC :

Standing from left to right :
Dir. Jen Sorel Jasareno, Dir. Fred Capistrano, Dir. Jaime B. Ching-Chairman,
Frank Gray M. Sorromero-Chapter Administrator, Dir. Lito F. NoroƱa, Eryl Agus-Former Asst. Administrator

With Hon. Karen Agapay, Laguna Vice-Governor

The story doesn't end there. When I return to the office the next day, I was excited to show the plaque to the HR people. Since we already received the same award last year, I decided to check on the trophy displayed at the lobby, I was shocked because last year, it was 12 Years of Service Award. How come this year, it became 11 Years of Service??!!??

The trophy given last year - 12 Years of Service Award

So in short, the award is under protest.

I will give you an update regarding the result of my protest.