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Friday, December 2, 2016

My First Neutering Experience...

I first heard of the words "neutering" and "spaying" from my friend, Jeree Castillo. She informed me about the advantages of having my cat neutered. That time, I only have Bob.

Ssshhh....be quiet! Bob is sleeping!

Bob was given to us last November 6, 2012, four days after Gray died. And I think maybe because it's a male cat, he loves to explore, maybe looking for females. He was always running on the roof and would mark (urine mark) everywhere....grrrr! But I just let him be. He's a cat anyway.

Then came Pietro.
Isn't he handsome?

Pietro was given to us by Alex's friend, Dina,  who sells poultry supplies. She used to breed cats but stopped due to high maintenance cost. So she gave Pietro to us while Pietro's sibling stayed with them.

Born December 2015, Pietro was only 8 months old when he was given to us. I immediately fell in love with him because he is so adorable, so sweet and very affectionate. Initially he was given the name Maymay by her previous owner because she taught it was a "she". We didn't like the name so we changed it to Natasha, from Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow of The Avengers because he is pure black. Later on, my two sons noticed his "balls". So he was renamed "Pietro". Later I will tell  you why he was given that name. I have to ask my sons first.

To make the story short, I called Taguig City Veterinary Office last October 24, 2016 to set an appointment for neutering of Pietro and Bob.  I was scheduled November 24 at 9AM. I wasn't able to bring Bob because he didn't return home so I only brought Pietro.

Since this is my first neutering experience with my pet (as indicated on the title of this post), I was not ready with what I saw. Pietro was shaking to the point that I thought he was dying. I even asked the vet if that is normal and he said that is the effect of anaesthesia. The shaking went on for 30 minutes to 1 hour then afterwards, Pietro became okay though he was still a bit dizzy. He was restless and kept on moving inside his carrier.

Now, he's okay. Jolly as usual.

If you are living within Taguig area and wants to avail of the FREE neutering/spaying, you may call (0995) 198-8562 and look for Nika or Mitch.

To know more about the benefits of spaying/neutering your pets, you may visit the PAWS website.