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Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Mom's 70th Birthday Celebration

Mom just turned 70 years old last December 20, 2016 and we prepared a simple celebration for her. It was held at LRA Pavilion located just within the area.

I just want to share with you some photos taken during the event which I really, really like.

Here is mom...Pretty in her red gown

The two escorts...on my mom's right is Patrick and
on her left is my youngest son, Jason

Her grandchildren - standing from left to right: Gab, Patrick, Jojo,
Jason & Dale. The cute little girls are Angel & Venan

My Kuya Darwin's family - Patrick, Ate Fe & Gab

Her children - Ate Fe (proxy for Kuya Darwin who is presently
working in Saudi Arabia), me, Dennis & Don

The gang - only two persons are missing.
Kuya Darwin, who is in Saudi & Dad who is already in Heaven

Don's family - Venan, Angel & Grace

My beautiful family - Jason, my hubby Alex and Jojo

with my sister in law and nephews

Time to open the gifts...

A beautiful bag from one of the guests...

There were lots of presents given to her...

with Tata Lito...

Don with former NLRC Comm. Atty. Raul Aquino

with her older brother, Tito Atong and her wife, tita Onor.
The little girl is their apo, Janna
My mom's siblings - Tito Atong, Tita Linda & Tito Carling

With other guests (credits to T12 Events for all the photos)

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I did!


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