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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Blood Donors' Recognition Day 2016

Last July 29, I attended Philippine Red Cross Laguna Chapter's Blood Donors' Recognition Day 2016. Actually, I was with two officemates, Kristine Cruz, our company nurse and Aris Guevarra from Facility Dept.

What is a Blood Donors' Recognition Day? It is an annual event organized by Philippine Red Cross Laguna Chapter which gives recognition to employers, employees, religious groups, NGOs, government sectors, and others who have contributed greatly to Red Cross' blood donation programs. For Pricon, we were given a plaque for being one with Red Cross for 11 years.

11 Years of Service Award

Philippine Red Cross gives recognition also to individuals who voluntarily donated blood for nine (9) times, it is called Galloner Award. For this year, we only have one (1) awardee :

Aristotle L. Guevarra, our lone galloner awardee for this year

We were able to have a photo op with the Board of Directors of PRC :

Standing from left to right :
Dir. Jen Sorel Jasareno, Dir. Fred Capistrano, Dir. Jaime B. Ching-Chairman,
Frank Gray M. Sorromero-Chapter Administrator, Dir. Lito F. NoroƱa, Eryl Agus-Former Asst. Administrator

With Hon. Karen Agapay, Laguna Vice-Governor

The story doesn't end there. When I return to the office the next day, I was excited to show the plaque to the HR people. Since we already received the same award last year, I decided to check on the trophy displayed at the lobby, I was shocked because last year, it was 12 Years of Service Award. How come this year, it became 11 Years of Service??!!??

The trophy given last year - 12 Years of Service Award

So in short, the award is under protest.

I will give you an update regarding the result of my protest.