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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MCCID Plant Tour!

Today, 16 students from Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf (MCCID) visited our company for a plant tour. Yes, they are deaf! But there was no problem communicating with them because of their Training Director and interpreter, Mr. Jojo Esposa. Although they cannot talk, I could see in their faces that they enjoyed the tour very much.

Before leaving, we had a photo session in front of building 1. Here it is :

In this photo, we were doing the "I Love You" sign.

While in this photo, we were saying "Thank You"
(it can be one hand or two hands touching your lips as if you're giving someone a flying kiss)

Over all, it was a wonderful experience for me being able to mingle with them!



  1. Hello Criselda!

    Thank you very very much for blogging about our visit to your company. We are truly grateful that you gave us such a warm welcome. I hope we can meet again soon. :-)

    I posted this in my Facebook page and I also posted some photos in MCCID Facebook page. Please add me as a friend and also like our MCCID page. :-)


    Jojo Esposa Jr. :-)

  2. Hi Sir Jojo!

    We will be delighted to see you and your group again soon!

    I'll add you when I go online!