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Monday, July 11, 2011

Pag-ibig Fund Coordinators' Association General Assembly

I attended last July 8, 2011 the 4th General Assembly of Pag-ibig Fund Coordinators' Association. The agenda was to introduce "new payment facilities" which employers can use to remit loan and contribution payments. The irony of it, it turned out that the "new payment facility" that they want to introduce is Unionbank's OneHub.gov which we have been using since 2005. And the Online Membership Registration which I have been using since last month! The reason why I got really bored! But for the benefit of my co-FCs who are new to these two programs, I kept quiet. I busied myself texting....and texting.....and texting....who else but my lola! (You know who you are hehehe)

Anyways, it was held at Palmera's Garden Restaurant in San Pablo City. The nice view of the restaurant took away the boredom that I felt all throughout the discussion. And of course, it won't be complete without pictures!

What is a drummer without her drum stick?

I decided to take a pic of this sleeping anaconda. Pet of the restaurant's owner, perhaps?

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