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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ninong's Treat!

Last Friday, September 9, 2011, we (me, Mutya, Ethel, Marie & Tess) dined out at Shakey's in Checkpoint Calamba branch. It was a short but happy moment for us (well, at least for me).

Ethel, Marie Mutya and I arrived at around 5:00PM then Tess came around 6:00PM (whew! As usual, she's always late hehe)

This Shakey's thing is a treat from our beloved ninong, Jerry Antonio J. Flores, husband of our most loved HR manager and "mother" Lhiza Flores. He's not here in Manila. In fact, he now lives in Australia with his three princesses, Jeli, Jeza and Jea. Eversince ma'am Lhiza died, we never lost communication. We've always kept in touch. And we will forever be grateful that he has never forgotten us :)

Oh, enough of that reminiscing. I'd like to share some photos:

Me and Mutya

Tess, Mutya, Marie and Ethel

That's us! I'm sure you know them by now :)

Me and Mutya, again

Me, Tess and Mutya


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