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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belated Valentine Greetings :)

I know this is a late post since yesterday was Valentine's day, but please, just give me the liberty of posting even if it's late LOL!

I wasn't able to post yesterday because I brought my son to MPI-Medical Center Muntinlupa. He was suffering from diarrhea since Sunday morning and I was afraid he might get dehydrated so off we go. Thank God he's okay now. Thanks to his very kind and accommodating pediatrician, Dr. Jea Halum.

Moving on, I texted my friends to greet them a Happy Valentine's Day but the text came a bit late also. I think I was able to send the text around 11am since I was at the hospital that time attending to my sick son.

Anyways, I want to grab this opportunity to greet the important people in my life a Happy Valentine's :

My mom, Angie and my brothers, Darwin, Dennis and Don!
My sisters-in-law, Ate Fe, Menchie and Grace
All my relatives....
My sisterhood - Frelyn, Lele, Jerah, Yellie, Kdin, Mar, Shiela, Marie, Ivee and Ria
My TS friends - Cressa, Sol, Verna, Charm, Danie, Denise, Frances, Mels, Roselyn, Ems, Jeree, Akee, Julie, Jehd, Azette, Ate Cleng, Ate Shey, Ychan, Jane, Nerie, Shane, Kheena, Angel, Myoce, Wingwing, Mag and all the rest (too many to mention keke)
Rhenz - miss you dear!
And of course, how can I forget the 5 namja I truly love - Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun.
And the other namjas I adore - Hyun Bin and Jang Geun Suk :)

What about my husband?  Well, I have a separate story about him.

My husband never gave me even  a single rose petal during our courtship period. Knowing us women, one of our kilig moments is when a guy gives us flowers, right? He never did! He reasons out that it's not practical and that he prefers to buy food for me rather than spend  his money to unimportant things.

But yesterday was a different story!

Since Jojo, our eldest son, was only allowed to eat fish (due to his diarrhea), I instructed him to go to the market to buy some fish. I was expecting him to arrive after at least 45 minutes but an hour had passed and he was nowhere in sight. So I just thought that maybe,  he was already at home cooking dinner for us.

After awhile, I heard a slight "commotion" from the outside. It was my cousins saying something not clear to me. As he was coming near me, the cheers became louder and I noticed that he was hiding something behind him.

And taaddaaah! He gave me a white rose!
He said it is the symbol of his pure and sincere love for me. Wow! Can you beat that? I was so touched....

Just sharing!


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