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Monday, September 10, 2012

Clumsy Jonathan!

This morning at around 5AM, I was inside the bathroom when I heard two loud shouts; one from Alex and the other from Jojo.

When I asked what happened, Alex said the cup was accidentally hit by Jojo's elbow then I saw that Jojo's milk was spilled on the floor. So I thought that was it. But when I asked Jojo if he was hurt, he said Yes and he showed me his left thigh.

It looked like this :

It was horrible. I know that the pain he felt that time was indescribable. I know it because it happened to me once. So instead of going to work, we went to the hospital.

The skin was scraped and then the doctor applied cream and put gauze pad to protect the wound from infection. He was also given anti-tetanus vaccine and pain reliever vaccine.  Before we went home, the doctor prescribed antibiotics and pain reliever capsule.

Let's take a closer look:



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