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Friday, November 27, 2015

Enchanting Trip at Enchanted Kingdom

Hello there!

Being with your family is probably one of the happiest moments in anyone's life. And why not? You are sorrounded by the people you love. What else can you ask for? 

That's exactly what I felt when we had our family bonding last November 20 at Enchanted Kingdom!

There were 13 of us - Mom, Ate Fe & Gab, Alex, Me, Jojo & Jason, Dennis & Dale, Don, Grace, Venan & Angel. Three family members were absent - Kuya Darwin who is in Saudi, Menchie in Singapore & Patrick, whose exam in differential calculus was scheduled on that date. 

We arrived at around 11:00 AM only to find out that the park will open at 12:00 noon. So, we decided to have our lunch first and off we go to Rose & Grace Restaurant in Paseo. 

After eating, we proceeded to EK. We arrived at around 1:00 PM and the place was already jampacked with students having their field trip. As soon as we entered the gate, the fun began!

We went home at around 6:00 PM since Dennis have some errands to do. So sad we were not able to witness the fireworks that evening.

We plan on going back to EK. This time, it will just be the four of us - Alex, Me, Jojo and Jason. Why? So we can stay until 8:00PM or until we see the  fireworks display.


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