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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Graduation is over!....

It is the happiest and perhaps, the loneliest time in the life of a highschool student. Leaving your friends after being with them for four years, it surely hurts, right?

But then again, with the evolution of technology nowadays, keeping in touch with your friends is no longer a thing of the past. There's Facebook, which I think is the most, if not one of the most popular. Twitter should not be taken for granted. There's Plurk, Friendster, etc, etc.

Now, why am I saying these? Because yesterday was my son's graduation from highchool. And just like any other highschool graduations, it is always the end of the ceremony that is the hardest part. You can see tears in every graduates' eyes. I must  admit, I cried with them. Friends saying goodbye to one another, teachers saying their thank you's to their students and vice-versa. Ah, I don't want to reminisce anymore. Let's just look at the pictures which I took yesterday. Sorry for the quality of the pics. Maybe because of the lightings inside the auditorium.

Here is the pic of the stage before the ceremony:

More pictures......

The men in my life : my husband, Alex, eldest son, Jojo and youngest, Jason

Jojo and Jason after the ceremony

Now, don't ask me whether she is his girlfriend because I don't know either....^_^

(My son told me that her name is Cheche and she is his twin sister. Why twin sister? Because he was born May 17, 1995, 12:05 AM. She was born May 17, 1995, 12:30 AM. Only 25 minutes apart. Imagine that? I didn't know I have a daughter! Thank you, Jojo, for finding your twin sister...LOL!)

Time for group pictures....

The cute lady in the middle (wearing black) is their class adviser,
Ms. Wilhelmina R. Cejas

Congratulations to my son, Jojo, on your graduation  in highschool. I hope that you will strive more because college life is much tougher than highschool life.

Likewise, congratulations to IV-Aristotle!...May your friendship remain forever!...Fighting!...

PS : Don't you notice? I don't even have a single picture with my son. Grrrr!


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