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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perez, Quezon (pics & vids)

....as promised, here are some pics and vids of our Perez, Quezon vacation.

This is the boat that brought us to Perez, Quezon. Is this a boat? Or a barge?

a view of the island from the boat....

I took this pic as soon as we arrived. This was taken at the backyard.
Sunset in Quezon. Beautiful, isn't it?

..on our 2nd day, hubby bought this turtle from a fisherman.
It served as my kids' toy for the duration of our stay in Perez

....boating is fun! I didn't join them. I don't know how to swim hehe
(the sunset and this picture were taken on the same spot during hightide)

....and this is lowtide. Still nice. Agree? ^^

Here are some vids. I'll try to explain them one by one.

...obviously, Jason while playing with his toy turtle
(don't mind the conversation, it's nonsense hahahaha)

This is Alex while doing the "nilupak". It's a mixture of cassava, grated coconut, butter and condensed milk. At first I thought it's cassava cake, but it's not. Well, I don't know the name but it tastes really delicious.

....this is my eldest, Jojo, while talking to his friend, Mary Joy.
I just thought of recording his conversation with his (girl)friend.

Well, that's it! I hope you had fun looking at the pics and watching the vids.

PS : Myoce, forgive me if the vids have no eng sub. I am sooooooooooooo lazy!....keke



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