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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank God It's.....Wednesday????

Why the title?

Because my youngest son, Jason, had fever last Sunday. I brought him to his pedia at MPI-MCM (Medical Center Muntinlupa.

Initial diagnosis was Upper Respiratory Infection but I was told that if fever persists until Wedneday, which is today, I should bring him to the hospital again and have his blood tested for, guess what?....DENGUE!!

Oh my! It can't be dengue! I prayed and prayed hard that it's not dengue. My eldest son had dengue wayback 2005 and it was a very traumatic experience for my son as well as for me. Imagine, the blood extraction being done hourly???

Luckily, as soon as we reached home after his check-up, his fever was gone. God is really good! Now, he is back to his usual self. ^_^

Now, we're looking forward to our Holy Week vacation in my husband's hometown....PEREZ, QUEZON!... Vacation starts on April 18 which is Holy Monday and we will stay there until morning of April 26th. Do I look excited? Of course not! Hahaha!


PS :  Thanks to his very accommodating pediatrician, Dr. Jea Halum. And special thanks to Ms. Toni and Sir Chris of Responsive Health & Insurance Brokers for the help. You rock!

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